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IOBit Defragger V2.0

Hi there,

I'm thinking about changing over to Norton IS from my current vendor and I have a question to ask;

My current security suite works well with a defragmentation programme called IOBit Defragger, I was wondering if Norton IS works with defragmentation programmes such as IOBit (or Windows own defragmentation programme), without any conflict etc.


J_W. :)



Re: IOBit Defragger V2.0

Norton comes with a function called Idle Time Optimizer which runs the Windows defragmenter when needed. The function can easily be disabled if you prefer a third-party solution, and Norton works just fine with those.


Re: IOBit Defragger V2.0

Excellent!  I have been using IOBit degragger for some time and find it does a better job than Windows.

Tha ability to turn off the Idle Optimizer is a plus! 

At last I don't have to get rid of IOBit!! :D

Thanks for the response,


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