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This forum thread needs a solution.

Ipad wont reinstall Norton Mobile Security App

I have the following devices with Norton 360 installed on; Apple iMac iOS Catalina 10.15.5 a PC and 2 x mobiles, all working fine.  iPad - The real issue - No Chance!

Below is a copy of a Chat session with an agent from Norton on their online support.  How can customers be expected to know prior to reinstalling a Norton product whether it will work or not?

Initial Question/Comment: Prior to my recent upgrade to 5 devices, Norton was installed & working on my iPad which although several years old is running the latest that it can run iOS 10.3.3 Now when I try & reinstall Norton I get message that Safari requires iOS 11.0 or l

 System:  Thank you for your patience. Your chat is very important to us but we are currently experiencing higher than expected wait times. Please stay online.

 System:  Connected with **************.

 System:  Welcome to Norton Support, my name is *************. Please give me a minute to go through the information you have provided.

 Agent:  Welcome to Norton Support Gary. My name is ************, I will certainly help you with the issue. While I am reading through your case details, could you please provide your email address and phone number? I apologize for asking it again.

 Agent:  Thank you. Please take note of case number *********** for future reference. You can contact us back with this same number if this chat session is disconnected.

 Me:  Got it

 Agent:  Are you trying to install the Norton Mobile Security or Norton Secure VPN?

 Me:  Security

 Agent:  Okay. Do you have any option to update the iOS and Safari?

 Me:  No. Have tried & I am operating the latest iOS software for this particular iPad. Also tried doing it via Google Chrome: requires iOS 12.0 & above and Firefox requires iOS 11.4 & above?

 Agent:  Okay. Did you try to restart the device and check it?

 Me:  Norton was working fine on the iPad until I had to change it because of an upgrade from 3 to 5 devices, which required me to download & reinstall it to iPad. and yes I have restarted the device.

 Me:  I'm now trying to restart it again.

 Agent:  Okay. I am afraid that the iO'S version on your device is not support.

 Me:  Thought you might say that; however prior to me attempting a reinstall, it was supported? So what else can I do?

 Agent:  I am sorry to say that it is not possible to download the previous version.

 Me:  Well thanks for that then & if your not sure, I am being ironic & slightly annoyed!

 Agent:  I can understand your situation but the old iOS version is not supported.

 Me:  I best throw that in the bin then; good day!!

This seems totally unfair that I now have an iPad that otherwise is totally functional; which I cannot get security for, because of it's age, approx 8 years?

Not impressed Norton at all?



Re: Ipad wont reinstall Norton Mobile Security App

I ran into your same concern with an older iPad 3. 

Your protection level is not decreased as much as you might think. There is no malware protection in Norton Mobile Security on an IOS device. See this article from howtogeek . com for an explanation of why it is not necessary.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.