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Iphone no location data

Hi Forum ppl,

Just recently signed up (30 day trial) after trying many other (useless) rival products. I have the mobile app installed on both an Android handset & an iphone 5c, it is with the latter that I am having a problem - I am not able to get location data (No location data available for the device.) I have tried: turning the location service off/on, restarting the handset etc... both old & new Norton Family web consoles.

It is odd though, the Norton Family app does not appear under '>Privacy>Location Services' on the target handset (whereas Pokemon Go does :-( )

IOS version: 9.3.4




Accepted Solution

Re: Iphone no location data

Would you believe it???

Just after I posted, I launched the Norton Family app on the problematic iphone and was immediately prompted to allow location services....  all good now. :-)


Re: Iphone no location data

Thanks for the update Simonradavis.



Thanks Katie

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