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Issue: "Miner: Restarting" with AMD GPU

So I switched out my RTX 1080 TI (to use in another build temporarily) in my current PC for 3 RX 580s. After switching out the cards, I tried to use Norton Mining Again. Norton can see that I am using Radeon RX 580 cards (not sure if it can see all of them or just 1), but it will not mine at all. It is constantly on "Miner: Restarting", then flashes the green mining screen for a fraction of a second, then goes back to "Miner: Restarting". I tried removing all but 1 card, but had the same issue.

If this applies to all AMD cards, then this is a huge issue that needs to be fixed soon.



Re: Issue: "Miner: Restarting" with AMD GPU

We are finalizing our builds for AMD card support. It's currently in EAP (early access program) and will be live within 2 weeks if we find no issues.

"Edit" - I just realized that this is on the EAP forum and it is showing now using an AMD card. Do these AMD cards have 6GB of RAM or more? Do you have the latest drivers for the card installed?

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