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Issues with Norton Security

I ran LiveUpdate and was upgraded to Norton Security (after a restart). I am running Windows 7.

I have several issues with Norton Security

1) After applying the update I got a trial period expired error message. I had to activate Norton Security again by logging in to my Norton account. This should not happen.

2) Some of my Norton Security configuration settings have been changed without my consent.

For example:
a) Tasks Scheduling options were modified to select 'Windows Temporary Files' and 'Disk Optimization'.
b) Under Administrative Settings, Norton Community Watch was switched on.
c) Under Administrative Settings, Firefox Temporary File Cleanup was switched on.
d) Under Administrative Settings, Network Proxy Settings, Automatically detect settings was switched on.

I went to the trouble of going through all of the Norton Security settings when I installed Norton Security and selecting the options that I want for my PC (e.g. I have a Solid State Disk and do not want it to be defragmented). I do not appreciate these settings being changed without my permission as a result of simply running LiveUpdate!

3) It would be useful to know what other changes have been made in Norton Security - they do not seem to be documented in the Product Update Announcement.

Some changes I have noticed so far:

a) Under Administrative Settings, configure Background Tasks the Power Source configuration settings have vanished.
b) Under Administrative Settings, Product Security, Non-Admins Access to Settings has vanished.
c) Under Firewall, Advanced Program Control tab, 'Application with Unproven Reputation' has been changed to 'Low Risk Applications', however the online help still says 'Application with Unproven Reputation'.

These Norton Security issues are annoying and waste my time (and the time of many other Norton Security users). I also provide PC support to my elderly parents who live many miles away. They are likely to be confused if they encounter these issues with their Norton Security so I have advised them to stay off the Internet temporarily until the first two issues are fixed. It would therefore be useful to know when this has happened.


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Re: Issues with Norton Security

I have the same problem. Make matter worse when the product expires all your passwords in the vault can not be accessed.


Re: Issues with Norton Security

As for Norton doing a defrag on a ssd. That is completely false. Norton triggers the "optimize" feature just like in Windows.

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Re: Issues with Norton Security

Hi folks. Please see our Hot Issues thread for information on these problems, and resolution to them. Thanks.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation
Accepted Solution
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Re: Issues with Norton Security

I will mark this thread as solved.

However please note that Item (3) how has it's own thread


and there is now a follow-on thread about Norton Security


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