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This forum thread needs a solution.

It's 2017 and you still can't read MMS? Sorry no purchase from me.

I was reading some forums from 2016 talking about MMS and it's now SEP 2017 and you still cannot read MMS messages?! This product is worthless without the ability to read those. Even adding a single emoji turns a text into MMS. That's all kids have to do to get around this software.  I was going to purchase this outright based on CNet reviews and I am glad I did not. The free trial has opened my eyes to features that are not there.  Things you need to fix:

1. A way to quickly search for all text messages. Scrolling through 19 pages of texts is ridiculous. Blend them all together by phone number and contact so I can see the whole message exchanges without have to go through 10 screens. You know... like an actual PHONE does it!

2. MMS must be readable. This is the main reason I got this and this feature is not in. That's an instant deal breaker and a lost customer.

3. I don't see anywhere to see the pictures that are taken or deleted on the phone. Again, another feature I got this for that is missing entirely.

4. Show us what they are actually SEARCHING on Google and YouTube!!! Seeing youtube.com/so03kdsf is not helpful at all! Having to go into details and try and decipher the url in Google to try and figure out what they searched for is not helpful either!

5. We need the ability to block apps without having to install them.  Why I understand this might be a technical limitation, having to download Snapchat, Instagram, and Kik just for the ability to block them was annoying.  Also blocking the app on the phone doesn't block the web access either.

This is just what I found out during my trial period.  I will not be buying this product unless these features can be added. There's no point. If a single emoji completely defeats your software, then your software is not worth my money.



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Re: It's 2017 and you still can't read MMS? Sorry no purchase from me.

Hi ConcernedParents,

Welcome to Norton Community!

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

For #4, we support Search monitoring in Chrome and NF Browser.

When Search Supervision is turned ON, all keywords searched by the child will be listed in Norton Family Website under Activity->Search Supervision and in Norton Family Android Parent App, under->Activity->Search terms

If Search Supervision is not working as described above, Please share your Norton Family email address via private message (you can find my email address under my profile in the forum) to investigate the issue.


Devi AK

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