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This forum thread needs a solution.

I've been scammed!

I saw post that Michale Carlson12 submitted on December 12, 2017 that her computer was hacked.  The same thing happened to me last night. I am fit to be tied because I did not realize that this was a scam until I read Michael Carsons note on the forum. I reported it to the FTC & my bank as they charged me $1836.96 for the lifetime service which I chose. I told the bank what happened and want to stop payment on the charges. 

This is Michale's story.

"While in the internet a message popped up stating the messenger is Microsoft and showing the Microsoft Windows icon.  The message from Microsoft said my computer was hacked and to call 800-605-2421 for assistance.  I allowed the person responding to the call to take control of the computer.  I agreed to pay $250 to repair whatever damage to the system.  Various programs were ran by the responding party over the next one hour and fifteen minutes after which I was informed the problem was resolved.  I was then offered protection from this occurring again with three protection periods (3 years, 5 years, lifetime) at various costs.  I declined the service.  I think I have been scammed and as a result lost $250.  I have the following information on responding party:

1.  Head Quarter - 229 W 43rd St. New York, NY 10036, 2.  Email - support (at) itechexpert.tech "

Here's my story:

I have the same phone number and email address with two additional email addresses:  support (at) oneclicksupport.info and billing (at) onceclicksupport.info

The company's name is "One Click Support".  Address: 138 Galley Hill Rd  Cuddlebackville, NY  12729. 

I checked this address and there was a company with another name who was providing the same type of service but that company was a scammer as well.

They called me back at 9:00am this morning and I discussed that I wanted to cancel my subscription.

1-Bottom line is that they said there will still be a charge because of the license fee they had to pay.

2- I was transferred the billing manager who said they cannot refund my money if I cancel my subscription. He also said they have proof of my authorization to pay i.e. voice recording and email authorization to allow them to charge my credit card and that the bank will charge me a fee for the cancellation. [The bank wouldn't do this if this is a consumer fraud.]

3- I called back my credit card company for the amounts they had put a 'red flag' on.  They said they will investigate and should take 7-10 days & will call me if they need more info.

I'm very frustrated at this point because the billing manager Ricky Johnson at One Click Support said I can cancel my subscription but but CANNOT get my $1836.96 refunded. In addition, I have to wait  7-10 days to get some answers from the bank. I am ready to publicize this on our local TV & radio stations who helps consumers.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Re: I've been scammed!

You have done everything you can at this point.

To prevent seeing that kind of pop up again, disable JavaScript in your browsers, or install an ad blocker extension in the browser(s).

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: I've been scammed!

Thank you for your suggestions.  It is much appreciated. 

To add to what those folks did.  They did not announce or as permission access to my computer and just asked me to type in some scripts. Before I knew it, they had accessed my computer.

I have 'ad blocker plus' on both browsers. However I need Java to run OpenOffice so I can't disable that.  I'm praying that the One Click Support folks will not access my computer to get any of my private info.  I changed my passwords to almost all of what I need access, with hope that they cannot have access to my financial institutions, etc. 

All I can do now is to sit tight & wait for answers from my credit card company.  If all fails, then I shall go to the media to get this issue resolved.

Thank you again for you input!


Re: I've been scammed!

Java and JavaScript are different items on your computer. You can have one without the other. The Java for your open office does not need the JavaScript that you will find in your browsers.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: I've been scammed!

Thank you for the clarification. 

I stream lots movies and wonder if JavaScript will effect my access to certain sites.

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