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Journaled HFS+ system

In waiting for the new NIS for Mac, I saw a post on here about AV scanner issues with certain file systems....my system shows Journaled HFS+  Does this mean I would expect that AV scanner issue with my mac?  Does the upcoming SL-compatabile NIS fix this issue?  SL was already pre-installed direct from Apple on my new mac.



Re: Journaled HFS+ system

Journaled HFS+ is the default Mac OS X filesystem. Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security are fully compatible with Journaled HFS+.

Case-insensitve [Journaled] HFS+ is optiona; you must re-format your Mac to use that filesystem. We have not fully tested Norton AntiVirus or Norton Internet Security on that filesystem.


Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

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