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Just seen this


I have been looking for the start of Norton Security Premium Beta program for ages and did not realise that I should have been searching for EAP.

I have enjoyed immensely the Beta programs and am delighted by this new version which is an amazing concept.

Well done Symantec and thank you.



Re: Just seen this

I'm looking forward to contributing as well.

However, that sign-up process though...it could be a bit cleaner.  I was asked to download something from box.com -- which immediately raised some red flags.  Sure the site had the Symantec logo but it still raised a red flag.  Downloading an untrusted EXE from what appears to be a 3rd party (despite the logos) concerned me.

Perhaps in the future, Symantec can consider hosting that file themselves instead of offloading it to a 3rd party.


Re: Just seen this

Hi, @drshlomo

There is now a dedicated Beta program

Link is top right on the Forum pages. https://community.norton.com/en/beta

Windows 10 Home X64 Norton Security Premium---Current

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