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Just a suggestion

Because it takes up so much of my computer's resources and causes a major slow down, it would be super nice if there was some visual way to see when Norton is running a full system scan. I understand the slowdown but currently, I have to open Norton, request a full system scan and only then will it show that a scan is already in progress. Maybe the icon in the lower right taskbar could flash or maybe there could be an additional icon that shows only when a full system scan is underway. At least that way I would have an easy way to identify why my system is running so slowly without worrying about what else is wrong. 



Re: Just a suggestion

Hello DrWayda

You can schedule when and how often you want the fully system scans to run. I have mine set up to run once a week on one particular day and time when my computer will be idle so it can get the job done in the shortest time possible. It is scheduled for a time when I am asleep.


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