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Just a suggestion for everyone.

If you haven't backed up (exported) your Identity Safe file lately, I suggest you do so before something "screws the pooch" and your usernames and passwords are gone.    We are in uncertain times and caution is advised.     Just my 2¢.


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Re: Just a suggestion for everyone.

.....and my additional 2¢ - be sure to Export them in the dat format (which is encrypted) and also the .csv format so they can be read via a text editor - such as notepad or wordpad.  As always store somewhere off your system.

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Re: Just a suggestion for everyone.

Great idea!

Please note that if you use an online vault it should automatically run a backup of your vault and is stored in your Documents [Win10] folder in .DAT format.


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Re: Just a suggestion for everyone.

If you have a Local vault read this thread and save a copy the IDDStor2.dat file.




Re: Just a suggestion for everyone.


Backing up everything on your computer should be a given by now for every one who uses a computer no mater what operating system.. Would going back to version 21.7 be a workaround for those of you who are not on Win 10 and turning off check for new version until this new FF Toolbar is completed and working correctly? I would think then you might be able to get the Toolbar version that works with that version of the Norton product.. Would it work for the NAV/NIS/N360 users? I don't have a test machine to test this out.  Inflation: 25 cents worth. Hope this would work at least for some of you.?


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