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Katrina discovered the answer that Norton agent online could not provide.

Love you Katrina.  If you are ever in Puerrto Vallarta I will buy you dinner.  Yes, everything regarding Norton backup data sets can be done from the Norton Backup Drive shown in Windows Explorer.  Everything.  View, manage, delete, purge. 

I spent 15 minutes on live chat with a Norton agent asking for help and she was absolutely clueless about our common problem in managing -- and particularly purging -- Norton backup data sets. 

Norton:  Please make an effort to make this clear to all your users.  Else you will have a bunch of pissed off customers who will go to MicroTrend or elsewhere in disgust. 

My god, the answer so simple, and how many hours of frigging around trying this and that and getting nowhere!

Thanks again Katrina!