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Kids disable Norton Family and stop notification email....

To bypass the time restrictions, my son waits for the countdown to begin and then chooses "shutdown computer" from windows. He then quickly cancels the computer shutdown. He has discovered that Norton Family is the first application to shut down and it does not send a parental email to notify me that this has been done.  Norton Family appears to still be running; the tray icon still reports "enabled".... but it is not. Win7 Chrome. Kids are all Standard users, no administrative rights. He does not know the password.  I have replicated this procedure on his account.



Re: Kids disable Norton Family and stop notification email....

Hi p1o5,

Thanks for the post.  I'll report this to the team for further investigation.  You said you can duplicate this using his account.  If  you try to visit a forbidden website, do you get blocked during this time?  Do you see the website gets logged at Activity -> Web online?



Thanks Katie

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