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Kindle Fire

I have a Kindle Fire tablet.  During install of Norton Family Premier, it's asking me to set the "App Usage Access" but I cannot find it. I've searched through several posts and web sites, and some claim that Norton Family will not work on Kindle, and yet other places have installation information for it (and show support for it). 

Can I use Family Premier on my child's Kindle or not?  If so, how do I allow App Usage Access to Norton? If not, this needs to be made EXPLICITLY CLEAR PRIOR TO PURCHASING THE PACKAGE that even though the Kindle runs Android, Norton will not work on it.

I have (2) Kindles and two other tablets I need to set this up on. I haven't even gotten to use the program yet and I'm already annoyed at the conflicting information/lack of clear information regarding Kindles.



Re: Kindle Fire

Hello Ungerade. Have you looked at the info in this forum?


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Re: Kindle Fire

Hi @Ungerade,

   It is due to the unavailability of such permissions (also Location) in Kindle devices that we are unable to provide parity for features that depend on these permissions. Hence we are officially not supporting Amazon devices as of now.

   Thank you for sharing the feedback that there wasn't enough information about lack of Kindle support. We have updated our support article to reflect the same. This article is accessible from Norton Family portal landing screen.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team

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