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Lack of info on main UI

After Live Update occurs, I'm sure this information was clearly visible on the old main UI.

Last Live Update and the date and time.

Now I have to go into main UI, click on down arrow to actually see all the info that should be auto visible, select History and then wait for the info to load.

Please put this information back on the main UI.

It currently says:

Protection updates: current

Last scan : date

Please add:

Last Live Update: date and time

If 'Protection updates' actually means and refers to 'Live Update', then the wording needs to be more clear; it is better to stick to the lingo used by Norton to not cause confusion and in addtion to 'current', I need to see the actual date and time.



Re: Lack of info on main UI

 'Protection Updates' refers to 'Total Cloud Protection'


Re: Lack of info on main UI

Cheers for clarifying what 'Protection updates' refers to.

So, still would need to see useful information:

Last Live Update: date and time


Re: Lack of info on main UI

Are you reporting that History > Live Update does not satisfy. 


Re: Lack of info on main UI

I can open Norton

Previously this info was visible at this stage. But now...

click on Security to get rid of that ridiculous moving top level menu into the correct position.

(Wish I knew how to force it to stay locked in the correct bottom position - who on earth wants a moving main top level menu that uses more than half the window -  yet another issue - do you have any ideas on how to fix this crazy gimick.)

then Select history

Wait for it to load.

Then scan and scroll through the data to locate the last scan.

Yes I can do that and locate the info.

But the info should be on the first main UI. I should not need to do all that clicking and waiting.

This is new improved- lol- UI.

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