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This forum thread needs a solution.

Lack of MMS support and Norton's refusal to do something about this...

After a year of paying and waiting, I am canceling my subscription and removing the apps from our phones.

Fact: Kids do not SMS one-on-one. As a parent I see that 90% of teen communication is in group chats. Multi-person text messaging is MMS, not SMS. Norton Family does not support MMS. I have seen threads going back a year or two back with requests to support it. The only reply is "Thank you and we'll forward your request". If it's impossible to support MMS due to Android/iOS limitations - then say so. Do not lead your customers along while you drain wallets. If there is a way to implement MMS support, then do your market research, listen to your customers and add MMS support.

Given the lack for MMS monitoring in the app, and lack or informative replies from the company, it's absolutely clear that Norton Family product managers have no kids (out of touch with reality), have no idea how to do their job, and do not care about what the paying user base needs.

Shame on your Norton! Everyone who reads this, and needs MMS support, cancel your subscriptions. Stop paying their salaries.



Re: Lack of MMS support and Norton's refusal to do something about this...

Hi @Erdna65,

    Research on MMS support is in our long term roadmap but we may not be able to provide any immediate update considering other critical priorities that are essential to the wider user base.

    Norton Family has many features but if you are interested only in MMS, then we are sorry to see you go.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team


Re: Lack of MMS support and Norton's refusal to do something about this...

Wait WHAT? Quote - "Research for MMS support is on your long term road map"??? Meaning that you haven't even done your research on MMS support??? You're reading this people? WOW!

Long terms road map??? People have been requesting MMS support for over 4 years! I believe 2013 is when those requests started. How do you define long term? When our kids are finally in college?

The fact that parents can not monitor group text messages, image sharing, etc. is unacceptable. Besides spending hours playing games and watching YouTube, MMS is the most used function of a smart phone - by kids. If your PM's have kids, they would know that. If your Dev team cared enough, MMS support would be part of the service by now.

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