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Language Issue

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install my Norton 360 Premier multi-device subscription into a second device but it keeps downloading itself in spanish instead of english. On my first machine this was correct since it's configured in spanish but my second device is running Windows 7 English x64 in english and I would appreciate if I could install my N360 in the same language. Is there a direct link where I can download the english version of the software?





Re: Language Issue


Could you clarify -- by Norton 360 Premier multi-device do you mean the Norton 360 Premier that is good for 3 devices and has 25GB online storage or by multi-device do you mean a version good not just for Windows but other operating systems? I believe at one time Norton 360 had such a version called Norton 360MD but it's now replaced by a version of Norton Security as are Norton Internet Security.


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