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Level 2 unable to ring on their said day & time frame

I have been dealing with Norton's Level 2 for the past 12 months, and they eventually admitted that they couldn't fix the issue with their VPN running on MacBook devices. During this time, Level 2 set one of my devices onto Premium, as in New Zealand Norton can only support 3 devices on the Deluxe version. My Deluxe subscription expires on Sept 11, 2023 and Level 2 need to come back to me to offer and have all 4 devices to be on the Premium subscription. 

The problem I have experienced during these 12 months is Level 2 make arrangements to phone me on a certain day and time frame window, usually 2 hours, and have missed so many it is now into double figures. I am currently waiting for their call to make the necessary changes and verification, but with the expiry date due in a couple of days, I believe this is not going to happen. I will end up with 3 devices unsupported and desperately trying to fix up something that should have been done earlier. 

Also the different number of agents I have received phone calls from Level 2 all centre around speaking to me with a degree of arrogance, rudeness, ignorance and being treated disrespectfully. Are any other subscribers out there experiencing the same or similar thing?

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Re: Level 2 unable to ring on their said day & time frame


Re: Level 2 unable to ring on their said day & time frame

This is the latest update on Level 2 contacting me. 

I have been waiting since 31st August 2023, for my next phone call from Level 2, as they missed their scheduled time window (11am-1pm NZT) set up by Level 2 on this day. I contacted Level 1 via chat and made changes to the time window period 9am to 5pm (New Zealand Time). India where Level 2 are based are 6 hours behind NZ. I received a phone call from Level 2 at 10:30pm on 12th September, so go figure the communication channel between Level 1 & 2?

The interesting thing about this call, it was 1 day after my Norton 360 Deluxe subscription had expired. I had cancelled the renewal on this subscription, due to the fact in New Zealand, Norton have only a license to support 3 devices. Elsewhere its 5, and this is where it gets interesting as I will explain. On my 360 Deluxe subscription I had 3 devices, one MacBook and two Android mobile phones. In August 2022, I purchased another MacBook and added it to my Deluxe account. I will point out at this stage I wasn't aware of the 3 devices protocol as there is no information on the norton website. The Norton system allowed me to add the MacBook, so I had 4 devices running, and the Norton protection side was working OK on both MacBooks, but the VPN worked on one but not both at the same time.  

I was informed during the phone on 12th, that my issue was unique, and the Norton engineers had been unable to recreate this problem on 2 macs. As my Deluxe subscription had expired, I transferred over my MacBook and 2 Androids to the 360 Premium, that had been set up in January 2023 to run my 4th device with the VPN app. Now I have all 4 working successfully under Premium, the two MacBooks, one with the VPN working as part of the My Norton, the other using VPN app. I have switched off the VPN app and tried to turn on the VPN but it doesn't work, which is not a problem as I can live with the VPN running under My Norton and the app. However, it has taken Level 2 from August 2022 to September 2023, to realise that the 3 device license restriction in New Zealand was the reason why 2 VPN's couldn't run together, when the total number of devices exceeded three? Nobody at Level 2 & 3 in India worked out that this was the reason for the non functioning of the VPN. 

So for all New Zealand and the rest of the world MacBook users using Norton protection, if you exceed the allotted number of devices, VPN will not run on the one or ones greater than what is allowed. Make sure when you purchase your subscription or upgrade what the number of devices your subscription supports.

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