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Licence Quest: NIS 5 Lion

Lion: Up to Date

Norton NIS 5 12 254

Has someone the same Problem ?

I install the Fullversion from Norton NIS 5 for Lion, now i have the Problem that after an Coldstart from my iMac

the Trail 30 Days begane from the first Day (30 Days).

I must every 30 Day Register the Product and enter the Licence Key.

Had someone the same Problem that the Trail begane from the Beginning?

Thank You

You welcome



Re: Licence Quest: NIS 5 Lion

You're saying that you entered an activation key and your software was activated and registered, but then reverted back to a trial after restarting your system?

This has been known to happen.  I'm not sure if this problem has officially been fixed yet or not.

For now, just re-enter your activation key, and your subscription will resume.  It's an inconvenience, but at least you're still protected, even if it was running as a trial.

Hopefully Symantec will post when the fix has been pushed to the LiveUpdate servers.


Re: Licence Quest: NIS 5 Lion


yes thats right. Than i will do that walk. For the moment.

maybe norton will fix it.

you welcome

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