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License upgrade on mobile not clear - fooling people and your admin user help is not exisitng

As it seems impossible to ask administration of Norton - no email no chat nor FAQ on the subject I put it here.

 I have license for many years of Norton I have since few years a 5 devices license Norton 360 deluxe.

I received message to  dowbload / upgrade for free one of the devices - my Phone. I look at it and I do not see any real upgrade so I download the version thinking mine is to old.

I get infirmation in my mail, but  in the confirmation I read I now have protection for 10 devices. Hmm that is not right I only need 4 were did this come from.

I also get a mail stating the automatic yearly refresch witll cost me 104,95 €  - Great, You upgraded me to the Norton 360 premium but nowere in the communiccation this was stated upgrade to Norton lifelock - what then is the real upgrade I got?

As in the comparison of the different licenses I do not see the Norton Lifelock as as license selection so misleading information.

Based on European law I should be able to tell you to discard the upgrade and as it is no additional functionality just allowing 10 devices instead of 5 this shoudl be able to be done by the enduser or communicate this to you in a professional manner ny through the forum.

Seriously thinking to stop the automacely refresh and to see if to get an extra year of license you will have de decency to have some real communication.

See Norton-software voor 2021 | Norton-producten en -services

Your enduser support sucs on the licensing part.



Re: License upgrade on mobile not clear - fooling people and your admin user help is not exisitng

Try on a few occasions to have a problem by Norton customer services, first had to wait about and hour in Que for service, wait time 1/2-1 hour and then when finally a representative answer the call, and you explain the problem, he either will say he need to passes the call on this is the wrong department and say he will transfer the call, then after waiting a while the call is dropped, now you have to recall customer service and wait in Que again for the 1/2- 1 hours again for the call to be answered by customer service, this time when the customer service representative answer the call you have to first explain the above that the call was dropped and and tell them you received a file a number by emailed from Norton , he put you on wait while he reads the file of the case , and then , you he put you on hold another’s 15 minutes while he reads the file, then transfers you to the department, the new Service representative answers the call and say he has to read the file, comes back on line asks you to explain the the problem and say sorry for the last customer representative dropping the call and sends you a link to give permission to access your computer, you click on the links , the representative will also send you a copy the the file number in the call is dropped, you click on the confirmation link , and it does not work, the call is dropped and you have to go throw the whole process again, you calling back a again and have to wait in que and other 1/2-1 wait, by this time over 2-3 hours trying to have customer service fix the problem , then while waiting on Que again, you give up and stop trying, and do all the above on three occasions in the year to have the problem corrected the Norton app now tells you the program has expired and to renew your subscription, and we are here today filling out a service survey repeating again what has happen and and brings the two problem now , 1 customer service and too the program app still has not been fixed , now you do the survey thinking to your self you are an idiot no one is going to read this, and if by chance the do, you will have to go through the above progress again an other 15 minutes waisted bring it it up to 3 hours and still nothing, and the survey continues and you bush next, at the bottom of the screen. Let's continue and click next and see what will happen next,