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LifeLock app repeatedly shows Identity Lock error

When I log on to the LifeLock app on my iPhone 8, the first page says there are no unread alerts, but underneath that there is an "Urgent Issues   Error setting up Identity Lock" and "Identity Lock is not available. Try back later." When I click on Urgent Issues, it takes me to the next page that says "We're having loading your information right now. Please try again later or visit if this message persists."

I have called LifeLock about 3 different times, spoken to someone different each time who tries to help me but doesn't. I've tried chatting with someone online about this, but they can't help, either. I can't find out if there's something I need to do on my end before LifeLock can lock my identity. This is extremely frustrating. Has anyone else had the same problem?

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Re: LifeLock app repeatedly shows Identity Lock error


I have sent you a private message requesting additional information. Could you please check your inbox when you get a chance? Thanks. 


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