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lifelock family

i have a new lifelock family advantage plan. how do i view my family member's credit report. only mine is visible.



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Protect the whole family by adding them to your Norton plan

  • Add an additional member to your plan ›
  • Enroll a member whose subscription is already included in your plan ›

Please note that each adult family member must activate credit services with their own email address. 

My understanding:
Norton 360 with LifeLock plan/LifeLock plan for LifeLock Identity Theft that you'll need an additional LifeLock membership, per additional person. 
Please contact Member Services to discuss your options to add another LifeLock membership. 

Caveat: I do not have Norton 360 with LifeLock plan or stand-alone LifeLock plan.


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Detect and fix Identity thefts with Identity Theft Protection

Your identity is worth protecting. Identity theft happens when criminals use your personal information to open lines of credit, obtain medical care, file for a tax refund, and more. Norton now helps protect your identity.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection does not cover businesses. Our technology and service is designed to help protect individuals with social security numbers and other personal identifiable information, which businesses do not have.

No one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime.

  • Set up LifeLock Identity Theft Protection ›
  • Add information to be monitored ›
  • Set up Alerts ›
  • Install the LifeLock for Norton 360 app on Android ›
  • Install the LifeLock for Norton 360 app on iOS › 


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