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Lifelock Scam?

Is this a scam E-Mail solicitation that I received?


Thanks again for choosing Norton Life Lock ! Here's your invoice and a few bits of other important information. Please have a look, and save this email - it mightcome in handy. if you would like to Cancel or Refund Call Now 888 654 0904

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569.99 USD                       February 24, 2021

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Re: Lifelock Scam?

Is this a scam E-Mail solicitation that I received?


Verify that an email you receive from Norton is legitimate

Scams Involving Fraudulent Use of NortonLifeLock Branding is external)

Learn more about technical support scams and steps to avoid them

What Is a Tech Support Scam?

How to recognize and avoid tech support scams

Remove Fake pop-up or tech support scam messages that warn the computer is infected

  • Never click on links or download attachments from unknown sources.  
  • Hover your mouse over the links contained in emails to check if they are legitimate– don’t click unless you are sure they are safe.  
  • Question the validity of any email that asks you to submit personal or financial information.  

What to do if you fall for an email scam

Avoiding and Reporting Scams


Re: Lifelock Scam?

I would say it is about 24 standard deviations from the real thing. :)

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