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This forum thread needs a solution.

Listed devises

I had several Norton 360 accounts to cover about 8 pc's i use for my small business.

I had a customer service rep cancel all those subscriptions and give me a credit for Norton Security Premium.

When i look at devises under my account there are about 28 or so devises listed with all the same name.

I went through and deleted all the false devises but i am still left with 8 devises with the same name.

I know how to rename the devises, but i have no idea how to properly ID them from the manage support page.

please help



Re: Listed devises

When I go to https://manage.norton.com/

Under "services" all the systems are always listed by "computername".  By default windows names the computer as "username-pc".  So being a business and not installing windows with a specific username you may be using a company name or deploying an image that has the same username for all the systems.

I'm pretty sure I changed one of my systems "username" and in a day or so it also automatically changed in my account.



Re: Listed devises

Yes, i do see that.


one of my devises is marked as at risk under the devices tab.

I have no idea what one, because they are marked the same.

All the pc's have norton installed properly, and there is no indication on the services tab what pc is not configured correctly.


Re: Listed devises

The one saying "at risk" is either a system that has been offline for 2 weeks or the icon in the system tray of that system also says "at risk".

Try changing a couple of the computer names and see if the names change in your account.

I'm in windows 7, but it should be the same in 8 and 10. 

Control panel > system > advanced system settings and then click the "tab" computer name and then the change button.

Maybe name the computers by department or the main user the system is assigned to.

I honestly don't know how long it takes for the change to reflect in the Norton account, but if it works in a reasonable amount of time, ideally you would want to go though each system and give them a more descriptive name.  Computer names with good descriptions are very helpful on a network anyway, remote connections and troubleshooting can be done using the computer names without needing to find the system's IP address.



Re: Listed devises

I may not be communicating well.

When you logg-in to Norton and go to "My Norton", there are four tabs


under the


   - i see my active subscription

   - i also see each pc listed by its unique device name, and date norton was installed (all 8 of them)

I have no trouble with computer ID under the SERVICES tab, and there are no problems indicated

Under the


    - there are 8 devices shown (all are shown online)

    - they all have the same name (myname - Windows 7 - x)  the x = 1-8 (note: none of my PC's are named like this)

                 I am able to edit the names, but i have no way of knowing how to label them correctly.

    - one is showing it is at risk, (red x) 

the problem here is i have know way of knowing what device needs to be looked at/fixed.  I have checked all 8 PC's and Norton is installed correctly and active on all 8 devices.


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