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This forum thread needs a solution.

Live update failing and "Fix not complete" although no problems found

Running NIS on HP s3734UK under Windows Vista Home Premium (yes, the solution "get a new PC" has occurred to me!)

Product status is "at risk."  When I click "fix now" a quick scan is executed, which finds no issues other than tracking cookies (am pretty sure the computer is not actually compromised in any way).  When the scan completes, the quick scan panel banner says "all threats resolved," but the "fix now" panel says "fix not complete" and product status stays as "at risk." (even though in the item list of the "fix now" panel the status of the quick scan is "Complete.  All threats resolved.")

If I run live update manually (which naturally I do before scanning), the processing of updates fails and the banner status is "Failed to complete."

Have run the support tool via the link from the help center.  The first time it ran, it said "1 problems fixed" and subsequently finds no issues if run again, but the problem persists.  Have tried re-starting.

Also ran power eraser but all it found was one browser plugin it didn't like.  Have also previously run a full system scan (although not since executing the support tool) and this did not change the status either.

Only other observation to make is that the time which the quick scan takes and the number of items it processes seems to vary quite considerably between subsequent executions.



Re: Live update failing and "Fix not complete" although no problems found

My Norton product displays "Your computer and network protections are at Risk" and Fix Now displays "Fix not complete"

When you click Fix Now, your Norton product works automatically to fix the problem. If the problem still persists, choose the section below that most closely describes your situation:


Re: Live update failing and "Fix not complete" although no problems found

Thanks.  Problem resolved.

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