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Live update stuck pending if initiated too soon after boot

Over the past few years I've cultivated a habit of manually initiating Live Update immediately upon booting my PC.  For some time now I've noticed that if I do this too soon, the Live Update window pops up and shows Check for Updates in a pending state.  Live Update will stall on me at that point and not complete until I cancel it and try again (sometimes if I'm in too big of a hurry it may take more than one retry).  Currently this occurs under Win10 but I had it happen rather regularly under Win7 before I upgraded.  This isn't a big problem but is enough of an annoyance that I wish someone in Support would look to see why this becomes an unending stall.



Re: Live update stuck pending if initiated too soon after boot

You could check to see if you have Boot Time Protection set to Normal or Aggressive. That will load more of your Norton protection earlier in the boot process and may allow you to complete your LiveUpdate sooner. 

If you have automatic updates turned on, your product would probably be trying to update itself already. That could be why you cannot run it manually.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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