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LiveUpdate does not update

Hi, I have Version 7.0 for Mac.  The application seems to have loaded fine, and says it is protecting my computer.  However, when I try to run LiveUpdate (for the first time) it just continuously reports that it is "downloading" and "updating" but nothing happens no matter how long I wait.  Can you assist?  Thanks.



Re: LiveUpdate does not update

Hello douglasbf,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

To understand more on the issue, could you please follow the below steps.

Troubleshooting mechanism:

  1. Download the tool from here:ftp://ftp.symantec.com/misc/tools/mactools/GatherSymantecInfo.zip
  2. After download, with the file on the Mac client where you are facing these issues, double-click on the file to expand it. It will contain the GatherSymantecInfo.command file as well as a folder called SupportFiles.
  3. Double-click on GatherSymantecInfo.command. It will open a Terminal window.
  4. Enter your administrator password (it will not echo on-screen) and press Enter.
  5. Gathering information... message will appear.
  6. When it completes to run, you can find SymantecInfo.zip archive under Desktop directory.

I've sent you a private message to where the logs needs to be shared. Once its shared, we will analyze and try to revert as soon as possible.



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