LiveUpdate Issues

On Windows PC, Norton took just a few seconds to complete the ‘LiveUpdate’ task, but since I switched to iMac M1, the time for the same operation takes 5 minutes or more and most of the time it ends with an error message ‘Connection Error’ ‘Live Update cannot connect’ and the problem is certainly not with my internet connection.
I've reinstalled the software but it didn't fix anything. I would like some help trying to solve this situation.
Thank you so much.

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Re: LiveUpdate Issues

Hi Pedro, given the info you provided, I think it is the same that I have solved by adding the DNS to System Preference - Network - advanced - add DNS - - Changing Your Mac's DNS Servers From the Apple menu, select System Preferences. Click Network. Select a network interface from the sidebar. Click Advanced. Click the DNS tab. Click the + button to add a new DNS server. add: - - Click OK. Click Apply. - Let me know if it works!
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Re: LiveUpdate Issues

Hello Nathan,

Today when I turned on the computer and started the Live Update, it only took 10 seconds.
It looks like your solution really worked.
Thank you so much for your help.


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