LL Alert on cell not acknowledged on Website

Lifelock issued an alert on cell device.  Followed the link and logged in to see that a credit agency recorded a new credit card application at a bank.  I logged into the LIFELOCK website, which presented me a "NO NEW CREDIT INQUIRIES" status????????  The website, including SUPPORT is ALL SALES!!!, no links to follow to follow up on an alert, no options for steps to resolve an alert.  Only links to buy or upgrade new services, fix an installation problem, links to download updates, or to renew your subscription.  NOTHING: NO LINKS OR PAGES TO ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU GOT THE SOFTWARE FOR!!!!


Accepted Solution

Re: LL Alert on cell not acknowledged on Website


LifeLock by Norton Contact Information
QUESTIONS? 1-800-416-0599 - 1-800-416-0599 

LifeLock Customer Service - 1-800-LifeLock - 1 (800) 543-3562
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection services - 855-993-1976
Cybersecurity department for Lifelock - 800-745-6061

Caveat: I do not run LifeLock plan. 

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