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Is the IS Local Vault saved in a memory dump?


My understanding is that upon opening a local IDS vault is stored in the computer's RAM until it's closed. What happens if the computer experiences a BSOD and a memory dump (kernel memory dump or complete memory dump) is created while the database is still in RAM? Is it saved in the memory.dmp file in an unsecured, open state? If so, wouldn't that be a security vulnerability? Is it cleared off of RAM immediately when it closes?

Any insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated!



Re: Is the IS Local Vault saved in a memory dump?

If you are truly speaking of a local vault that us old timers have been maintaining as long as we can, then your concerns are unwarranted. 

If there is a BSOD, all memory is not dumped to the dmp files. Just the parts of memory that contain drivers and OS related functions are reported.

Not sure of whether the cached data is removed when you close your vault. It probably should be done as a best practice for programming as there is no need for the information if the app is not running.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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