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This forum thread needs a solution.

location intermittent

We have 2 teens using Premier on LG G3  phones with Android 6.0 and Family  For some reason the location only seems to work when they are at home, when of course it's not needed.  If they leave the house, Norton says it can't locate them and to try again later.  A while after they return home it will locate them, there of course.

I've checked that location turned on, and the account says Premier on the phone (the "refresh" issue) as I've seen in other posts.  Any ideas?



Re: location intermittent

Hi Jim_P,

Can you please check the following settings in the child’s device to see if these help to resolve the issue.

  1. Settings -> Data Usage -> Norton Family. Check if the “Restrict background data” is selected, if so unselect this option.
  2. Settings -> Battery -> Detail -> Norton Family, set the Norton family app as “Turned Off ” for Automatically optimizing mode.

After ensuring the above settings, please try locate now in Norton Family old portal.

To use the "old" portal: Please use link https://family.norton.com/familysafety/ and click on “Continue to Old Website” link.  You can use a different browser if you don't get the option to switch between the "old" and "new" website.



Thanks Katie

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