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Location Services is off - But they're on

I'm constantly getting "Location Services is off. Turn it on to track the location." and "Your child has turned off permissions for Norton Family to monitor their Android device. Turn on permissions to continue monitoring that device." messages. But when I look at my kid's phone, location services are on. So what is going on????

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Re: Location Services is off - But they're on

Hi @Erdna65,

    Android 9 has introduced a few improvements that are posing certain challenges like for e,g. location tracking

  • As per this article, location services may be disabled by the system when screen is off, we could notice this during our testing. When this happens the app cannot fetch locations until the system restarts the location service.So we recommend you to reduce the Battery saver threshold to as low a value as possible (Settings->Battery->Battery saver), but still when this value is reached, the issue might happen
  • Second part is the tamper alert. We are looking into this so that tamper is not sent in this case. We will keep you posted when we have an update.

Norton Family team

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