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This forum thread needs a solution.

Lock Override

So what I am looking for, is a way to override the device lock.

So, 2 different cases....

First - if I child has lost the privilege of using his/her device, we can force lock it for a defined time period.  Essentially saying the child cant use it for the next '3 days' (or hours, weeks, etc)

Second - If a child has a need to use a device during normal 'locked' time (to finish homework, as a reward, etc)  Basically unlocking for a one time use for a defined time period.  Again, saying the child CAN use it for the next '3 hours' (weeks, days, etc) regardless of the normal schedule.

Once the time is up, revert to normal for each.

I know this appears like I am looking for a way to avoid just physically taking the device away, but we are trying to come up with a method to store the children tablets in their bedrooms, thus keeping them safe from their siblings.  Plus, its kind of hard to take away a computer that's mounted in their office space.  Adding this feature I have listed above, would solve the issue, and make things much more streamlined.



Re: Lock Override

Hi mangus580,

Thanks for the valuable suggestions.  The team is in the process of redesigning  the time settings page, I'll pass your feedback to them for their consideration.

In the meantime, for now, do you want to consider to try this: log onto your Norton Family online account and block all the time on the table (or set allowed  hours to 0)?  Of course, you have to log onto your Norton Family account and change back to the 'normal' hours after '3 day' manually as in your sample?



Thanks Katie

Re: Lock Override

What you suggested is a work around - it would just be nice to see the feature added; I looked at several options for monitoring the kids activities, and most had such a feature.  Norton was one of very few who didnt.

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