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Locked out of Lifelock

I purchased Lifelock through Norton in February this year. It was supposed to be active until the end of the year. Now it's telling me that my account has been closed. What's up with that?



Re: Locked out of Lifelock

Were you paying monthly, or did you pay for an annual subscription? 

Also check your confirmation email to see if there is a direct contact for Lifelock support, email or phone. If so, use that contact information to ask your questions.

Does your Lifelock subscription show up in your Norton Account at https://my.norton.com  Click My Norton at the top right, then click My Subscriptions. 

If not, start by contacting Norton Support at   www.norton.com/contactcs    If they cannot help directly, they should be able to guide you to Lifelock Support information.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Locked out of Lifelock


Here is Life Lock support.


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