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Logging out of Google Email - blocked site issue

We have blocked You Tube on our account, but have allowed Google.  When our daughter logs out of her Google email, the account immediately tries to take her to You Tube.  A Norton message comes up stating, "Oops. You cannot go to Accounts.YouTube.com"  I have personally tried to log out of her email and get the same result.  How can this be resolved, so we are not blaming her for attempting to go to a blocked site?



Re: Logging out of Google Email - blocked site issue

Hi zippyhat,

Gmail is redirecting to accounts.youtube.com, as Google want to make sure to log out of all google services.  Please refer the below forum link from Google.


Please add accounts.youtube.com in Norton Family allowed list and block "Entertainment and Music" category in your Web supervision, so that you can log out of gmail without block page being displayed.  But at the same time youtube.com gets blocked in your device.



Accepted Solution

Re: Logging out of Google Email - blocked site issue

Thank you, Rajesh.  The link and advice is helpful, and I will make the necessary changes.

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