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In the long run Mac users are ignored by many.

Sadly I find out that the Norton 360 for MAC doesn't scan incoming email.  What a waste..  You know that when you watch a TV show or movie, the most observed computer is an Apple Mac.   I don't understand why, when Apple makes available updates for developers of its current or future products, more companies, such as Symantec/Norton don't latch on and provide a complete package. Oh the tout it on their ads, such as the online  back they sell in their ad for their 360 for Mac as being ok. Yet  when I do try to get it to work, I find it only works on a Windows PC.  WTF?

I really wish Norton would make that available, back up for Windows or take it off the app.  I also wish they would add an email scanner as they have for Windows PC.  

If I were a hacker, I would correlate by the visibility of the Apple Mac as being something for a prime plucking.    Yes, I don't open attachments and block email and messages that are from unknowns, but it still would be nice to have.

One more request, after a scan... could we get a notification that a scan happened and the results into the email.