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Looking for a Management for multiple Computers


I have a PC, a laptop and a Android smartphone.
My wife also has a laptop and a Android smartphone.
On all these devices I have Norton Security.

It is a mess to manually start the Live Update and the "Full" virus scan on demand.
I know that there is a schedule, but I want to start it manually when the PCs/Laptops are not in usage (so the scan time is different).

I am looking for a way to start Live Update and the "Full" virus scan on all Windows devices from one computer.
Means: I want to sit on my PC and start the virus scan on the PC, on my laptop and also on the laptop of my wife.
In Norton Security I did not find such a solution.

My suggestion is that you implement this solution in Norton Security.
Alternatively you can implement this on "Norton Studio" (that can be found in the Windows 10 App store).
Next the "Norton Studio" App should also work on Windows 10 Mobile Smartphones.
It would be really awesome when I could sit in my living room, play with my daughter and start Live Update and the "Full" virus scan on my PC and on the two laptops from my Smart Phone.

Please consider this suggestions.

Best regards

A Norton User for many years now



Re: Looking for a Management for multiple Computers

You can make suggestions in the Product Suggestions board https://community.norton.com/forums/product-suggestions

But some of the things you are asking for are not generally considered a home user requirement. Remote management of devices is usually relegated to business/enterprise products. Most home users just want a product that works in the background, so they do not need to worry about whether updates have been done. I believe the Symantec Endpoint Protection has management features available to do what you want.

Norton does understand that some users may want to run the LiveUpdate and scans manually, so those features are included. Your full system scans could be run at night when you are finished using the computer. There is an option to turn the computer off after the scan if you do not want to leave the computer on all night. Or maybe there is a time of day you know the computer will be on that you are not going to be using it, and you can schedule the full scan for that time.

Just my thoughts on full system scans. They are not as necessary now with all the other real time detection features in Norton. That is why the default scheduled full scan is every 30 days. I usually only worry about a full scan if my system seems to be a little slow. And FWIW, the only detections have been tracking cookies.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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