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This forum thread needs a solution.

loophole ? -> Kids are actually able to install software


I have subscribed a Norton Family plan/license in order to monitor my kid's tablet (a Galaxy TAB A running Android 5.O.2)

It happens that our daughter encounters absolutely no limitation to installing new software through Google Play.

With parents' console we definitely can block the use of installed software but not prevent a priori actual installation of new software ; typically, Google Play remains accessible and we can't block it.

Any idea how we could actually implement software install limitation ?


p.s. : "Contact Us" support page always return "Error: An error has occurred or the page you requested cannot be found." ; has it ever been different ?


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Re: loophole ? -> Kids are actually able to install software

Hi @pokino,
    Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are working on a solution to be able to block Play Store. Once a fix is in place, we will update this thread. Can you kindly verify if "Contact Us" link is working now for you? We verified from our end and found it to be working.
Norton Family team


Re: loophole ? -> Kids are actually able to install software


Thank you for your prompt answer.

I do have doubts regarding the promptness of that solution since problems of that kind seem to have stuck around for years : what would be a plausible delay for go live ?

Yes I still do encounter the "Contact Support" error :

...features an https link to :


...that yields :

Note that the link is also the same on the top right of the blue ribbon

Thanks for your help

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