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lost folder credentials - what happened?

 last night I had much work with lost folder credentials in the public folder tree.
I turned to a previous restoration point and my Norton Anti-Virus crashed,
but the credentials were restaurated.

First I activated Windows Defender updated the signatures, but a quick check brought no vulnerables.

Then I started Norton Power Eraser npe.exe but it freezed in finish of execution.

To reinstall Norton Security I had to login in Norton site,
download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool NRnR.exe.
With  NRnR.exe I was only able to uninstall Norton Security.
Then I had to remove my marked installation in https://manage.norton.com/Manage

After I was able to download and install Norton Security again.
Before reboot, at first I updated the virus signatures and for save I created a new Windows restoration point.
Turned off the net connection, rebooted and run a full system check with Norton Antivirus, which found some vulnerables, but not so criticals.

I rebooted, plugged in the network connector and started Norton Power Eraser npe.exe

Critical vulnerables were found! Some files with "Heur.AdvML.B" and one with "Downloader".

I hope the problems are eliminated.

I wish easier days




Re: lost folder credentials - what happened?

Windows System restore does mess up Norton installations unless you disable the Norton Product Tamper Protection before running the restore. So your experience is 'normal' for a Norton installation when System Restore is used. It is not some infection causing this.

Also NPE  is a very powerful tool that can leave your system unbootable if you do not know what files it wants to remove. Sometimes it will remove critical Windows system files. Just be sure you know for sure what files are being removed.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: lost folder credentials - what happened?

Thank you for the reply!

The crux is the reason why I set back to a previous restore point -

I could not open files in User\Public directory tree.


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