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Lost Norton Family download link

I recently discovered conflict between Norton Security Premium, also installed with Norton Family, and some last remnants of McAfee.  Eventually uninstalling them all, which only worked when I went backwards along the install history; Norton Family then Norton Security Premium and eventually McAfee; I was able to reinstall Norton Security Premium but can't get any working link to download and reinstall Norton Family.  I am registered as a Norton Family user and the download link at the bottom of the Norton website page for My Subscription takes me straight to the online Norton Family homepage.

Help - I have a smart 10-year old boy who is interested in computers and doesn't always remember to ask for permission! Where should I looking or expect to find Norton Family to download and reinstall against my existing licence?


Accepted Solution
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Re: Lost Norton Family download link

Navigate to family.norton.com and login with your credentials. Click the devices tab and select the "add device" button. Follow the instructions to install onto the device you want.



Re: Lost Norton Family download link

Thank you Matt.  I thought I was going crazy not being able to find what I knew must be there.  Even then, adding a new device seems a little crazy as well since the device to be protected was already listed in the Norton Family devices from the previous installation.  All seems to be working so far - thank you for your help.

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