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Lost remediation

Found my Win 7 computer was waking up from hibernation unexpectedly.  After trying to identify what was happening I did a google search and found that it was something to do with remediation.  Followed a suggested fix until I got to the point where it wanted me to uninstall NIS using the Norton uninstall tool.  As I had go bitten by this some while ago where a Norton "expert" was controlling my computer.  He used the tool to remove NIS as he said that was needed to control the NIS problem.  Whst he didn't tell me was the tool also removed my Norton Ghost and all my settings and backups.  So I tried to back out of the fix.  Don't know what happened but the Remediation fold in Win Tasks is now empty.  My rather long winded question is do I need it if I have no intention of going to Win 10.  If I do need it how do I replace it but stop it waking my computer up every half hour or so.



Re: Lost remediation

Last update: 23-December-2015 - added Hot Issue regarding Remediation problems
Below are the hot issues and fixes for Norton products version 22.5.

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