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mailer-daemon; mail delivery system spam emails

I have been receiving 1000 - 2000 emails daily from mailer-daemon; mail delivery system with a subject line of "undelivered mail returned to sender"

What can I do to not receive these at all, currently I have them re-directed to my spam folder, but would like not to receive them at all.


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Re: mailer-daemon; mail delivery system spam emails

Hi Patriot1996,

Someone has either hacked your email account and is spamming from it, or they have your email address and are spoofing it in the "From" field of the messages they are sending from other accounts.  Please change your account password immediately and follow the suggestions in the following link to further secure your account.  If it is a spoofing issue, there is nothing that you can do, since the spammers are simply doctoring their spam with your address and there is no way to prevent that - all you can do is wait it out until they stop, or get a new address.


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