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This forum thread needs a solution.

Main panel doesn't show anymore (win10).

Three weeks ago I bought a new Lenovo Y700 with Windows 10. First thing I did is purchase and install Norton Security Standard.
Worked fine for two weeks until yesterday. Norton still seems to be working, because when I right click the icon I can perform actions such as "Quick Scan", "Live Update", "VIew recent history" etc.

However left clicking the icon (one or two times depending on whether it is the system tray, desktop shortcut or straight in explorer - I've tried them all) does not bring up the main panel with its features. Nothing happens. Also not as administrator.
Also right-clicking the icon and chosing "Open Norton Security" doesn't do anything.

The tiny icon in the system tray has a red X on it. I don't know if this is because of a problem related with this, or just because I have some action to perform - which I can't because I can't get the panel to appear....

I also used the "fix" thingy that comes up when you use "Get Support" from the right-click, but it tells me all if fine.

Thanks for any advice.




Re: Main panel doesn't show anymore (win10).

hi Yossi

Norton along with other programs need a shutdown, at least from time to time, of your laptop top to function correctly.

Windows 10 is installed with Fast Startup enabled as default.

In the first instance shutdown your laptop then turn it back on to see if this resolves your problem with the Norton main window.

Many of us have turned off the Windows Fast Startup both in Windows 8 & 10 to avoid this from happening, it is your choice if you do the same or not, if you do details of how to do it may be seen from the link below:

Windows 10 Fast Startup 

Please come back to let us know if you have any further problems.



Re: Main panel doesn't show anymore (win10).

Had the same problem several times, it's either the whole program which doesn't respond when you click on the Norton icon or the settings link on the UI. A restart fixes the problem.

Virginia/Twilight Princess. Windows 10 Pro 64bit, iPhone X, iPad Pro 9.7".

Re: Main panel doesn't show anymore (win10).


When you purchase a new computer, there is often a trial version of a security program. What security program was on your new computer, and how did you remove it? You need to use the uninstall utility for that program.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Main panel doesn't show anymore (win10).

Hi Michael,

Regular restart didn't help, but indeed turning off Fast Startup and then restart did the trick.
All works fine now.

And by the way, I don't find booting time increased after turning this off, but then again this is a brand new computer.


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