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This forum thread needs a solution.

Make some improvements to IMCE system?

More commonly, I will run into trouble when trying to browse the UPLOADED IMGS...

so, you guys (coders) can learn sth from imgur? e.g., allowing the user to create personal album? Search tool, etc.

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Re: Make some improvements to IMCE system?

Thanks. I know our image system could use some more structure, which is something we hope to tackle in future iterations. I appreciate the feedback though.

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Re: Make some improvements to IMCE system?


I'm glad to see that the image no longer forces itself to the top CTRL+Home corner even when told to go absbottom! I used to spend so much time having it go wrong and then having to cut and paste the text to get it first.

And making sure the cursor was already at the end used to make no difference.


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