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This forum thread needs a solution.

Malicious e-mail spoofed from BBB - Norton sees no threat in .exe?

I received an e-mail that appears from:


BBB Accreditation Services <no-replay@newyork.bbb.org>


The content of the e-mail reads as follows:


Thank you for supporting your Better Business Bureau (BBB).

As a service to BBB Accredited Businesses, we try to ensure that the information we provide to potential customers is as accurate as possible. In order for us to provide the correct information to the public, we ask that you review the information that we have on file for your company.

We encourage you to print this SBQ Form, answer the questions and respond to us. (Adobe PDF)

Please look carefully at your telephone and fax numbers on this sheet,

and let us know any and all numbers used for your business (including

800, 900, rollover, and remote call forwarding). Our automated system is

driven by telephone/fax numbers, so having accurate information is

critical for consumers to find information about your business easily.

Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to receiving this

updated information.


Accreditation Services

----------There was a zip file attached. In the zip file is an .exe file that has the icon of a .pdf file so I am pretty sure this would be some malicious attempt and I would like Norton to check it out. Your help chat person told me I could upload the file on the forum but i see now that this is only possible if it is a txt or pdf file. This causes me great loss of trust in your product if something seemingly so obviously sent with malicious intent cannot even be properly submitted to you, especially after your product thought there was no threat, only my own common sense saved me from executing the file. Any directions, and any additional insight to help restore my trust? 'No threats found' by Norton now has very little meaning and value to me.   



Re: Malicious e-mail spoofed from BBB - Norton sees no threat in .exe?

I am not sure why anyone would advise you to upload the file to the forums.  The forums are peer-to-peer, so not only would Symantec not see your file here, it is actually a violation of the forum terms of service to post any malicious content.  To submit your suspicious file to Symantec use this online form:


Did you save the file to disk and run a custom scan on it? 

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