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First, I have Norton Security on all 3 of my computers and I'm really happy with it. Whenever my DELL laptop gets to running sluggishly, I contact Dell Tech Support (I have a paid contract). They take control of my computer, and they're done with it, it runs better except when some malware program - like Malware Bites or RogueKiller which they install - is working in the background and then it's "slugging out" again. Questions:

  • Wouldn't Norton Security be enough protection, including against malware?
  • Doesn't Norton Security provide some kind of malware protection/removal anyway?
  • If Norton Security DOES NOT provide malware protection, is there a malware protection product that Norton DOES recommend?
  • Is it possible that a computer can have too much protection, i.e. it gets so busy looking for and destroying malware that it defeats the purpose of making/keeping my machine running up to speed?

Getting with DELL tech support seems to be an annual event for me. This past month, DELL left me with some new issues. I'm going to have to get back with them again after I hear from someone who can answer my questions. Thank you.



Re: Malware?

Hi, TWA Surf. All you need is Norton and then do the occasional scan with MalwareBytes, to pick up pups and puas and adware.

You can use the free version just as a back up scanner.

Norton concentrates mainly on antivirus protection.

Go through your Norton Settings and uncheck any notifications etc that you don't need or want, and that will cut out a lot of background activity.

Also you can switch off Task Notification and monitoring in Settings > Administrative Settings.

That should all help to speed things up.


Re: Malware?

HitmanPro by Sophos give a speedy and targeted malware scanning, and it can run together with other antivirus software. The US vendor also titles to be relating certain “behavior-based techniques”, unlike virus signatures in usual tools that aid recognizes brand new malware files even in case they look innocent. Another best thing about this software is that it has signals in big red interface color if it finds out any problem.

You can also save log feature and database of threats plus cloud technology scanning is also being offered here. HitmanPro is a very simple to use tool, which is best in finding and eradicating malicious software. Follow this link to find more . It has been found and solved numerous issues, even outside malware/adware, e.g. old cookies, outdated drivers, trails of past programs and a lot more.