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malware detection and/or removal

I am new (actually renewed) to Norton.Glad to be here. I might have had malware installed by a scam artist (or there is a possibility that it might happen).  Is malware automatically detected and eliminated?

And was any eliminated that might have been on my computer when I installed Norton?



Re: malware detection and/or removal

Hi there, welcome to Norton Community.

Norton usually actively (automatically) scanned files that are being accessed form a folder or from a pen drive. Norton also scans files that are being downloaded through your browsers, as well as when you are running a software installer.

However, if you are worrying about any present of threats on your PC, you can perform a full scan with NIS. A full scan goes through all system files and registry entries whether they are active or not. If a full scan detected a threat, it will proceed to eliminate them or have you notified about it.

And was any eliminated that might have been on my computer when I installed Norton?

Prevention is better than cure. Usually I do not recommend installing an anti-virus software on a system that is known to be infected. One should acquire professional helps to ensure complete elimination of threats before installing any anti-virus software. You can still install anti-virus software on an infected system if you insist, provided the threats do not stop you from doing so, however, the effectiveness of your anti-virus software may not be as good as it is on an uninfected system.

Is there any reason that you believe your PC is infected? Feel free to share it here, and we would happy to share our views with you, perhaps, providing advice in threat removal.

Hope these help,


Re: malware detection and/or removal

Hi,drstuart. As tan says, you should run a full scan to see if Norton picks anything up.

If Norton quarantines it, it is safe to leave it there, as it cannot access your system.

If you feel or have proof your sytem may be infected, I would suggest NOT to try self fixing, but pick one of the free malware removal sites we recommend, and a trained expert will work with you to clean up your system.

Stay with them, until they declare your system clean.

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ (link is external)
http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/ (link is external)
http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/ (link is external)
http://forums.whatthetech.com/ (link is external)
http://qmalwareremoval.freeforums.net/ (link is external)

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