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Manage your child's Allowed Contacts

Reading the post Norton won't allow calls to Allowed Contacts it remembered me the difficulties I had to configure Norton Family to enable Calls from and to Allowed Contacts without any time limitations. Currently the user interface and the available user documentation are far from being intuitive and comprehensive. I would appreciate if Norton could address this.

Norton Documentation: Manage your Children > open Manage your child's contacts (1)


  1. Norton Family is installed on a child's mobile device and Edit device assignment on your child's device has been completed.
  2. Basic Norton Family configuration with children, parents and devices has been performed.

This option lets your child make calls to or receive calls from allowed contacts, even if their time limit has reached.

  1. Use you browser to login to Norton Family with a parent's account
  2. Tap the child to whom the device is currently assigned.
  3. Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) on your child's profile:
  4. From the drop-down, click Manage Contacts (2) with the phone icon to edit the child's Allowed Contacts 
  5. Enter up to 6 Allowed Contacts.
    Each contact record consists of a label and a phone number (3). Use the green plus button to complete your record
    Your child might travel to an other country. To cope with this prefix your phone number with the country calling code. Start with '00' instead of '+' as the phone number field currently allows only numbers: The Allowed Contacts are used by Norton Family only. The Allowed Contacts are not linked to any contacts stored and commonly used on child's mobile phone.
  6. Click 'Save' to confirm and save the Allowed Contacts list.

Enhancement suggestion:
(1) Wording: Manage your child's Allowed Contacts
 Wording: Allowed Contacts
(3) Enhancement: Increase number of allowed characters and allow some special characters in the phone number field such as as "+", " ", "-", "#", "*".