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Manual Backup of multiple laptops to same external hard drive

What is the correct process to manually backup multiple licensed laptops to the same external hard drive.   When I used windows file copies I created backup folders for each laptop, and within those folders additional folders for the date of the backup.    When I run a manual backup using Norton, it seems to create 3 files on the root of the external drive : ARESTORE, ARestore.loc, and a folder called N360 backup and none of them refer to the backup set name.   So I move all 3 files into their own folder.   Then when I backup up the other laptop to the same external hard drive, it creates the same 3 files again, so I move those to their respective laptop's backup folder.   When I go do a restore, I can not see both backup sets.   It does not seem to recognize that I have moved the generically named files to different folders.    And if I take monthly backups, for example, how can I separate those so I can restore a file from a past date in time?  Is there a documented set of instructions to do this?

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Re: Manual Backup of multiple laptops to same external hard drive

So, I just took one set of those three files (actually 2 files and one N360 folder) and put them on the root of my external hard drive.   then I ran a manual backup of the other laptop.   Still had those 3 files.   Did a restore and I could see the two backup sets of the two laptops from the Restore function.   Next question is, how do I retain monthly backups?  Do I need to create a newly named backup set for each laptop for each month?

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