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May I disable Performance / Tune Up?

QUESTION: How might I disable Performance / Tune UP [sic]?


  1. It runs too often too long at too many random times and interferes with my work.
  2. I know how to click Defrag in any Windows O/S and don't need Norton doing it for me at a time when I need more resources.


  1. Allow us the opportunity to disable Performance/Tune Up [sic] just a we are allowed to do with Auto-protect, Silent Mode and Firewall.
  2. Maintain continuity and use the same time settings in Auto Protect, Firewall, and Silent Mode. 

Thanks to all who generously donate their time here to help us with our issues.


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Re: May I disable Performance / Tune Up?

Go into Norton Settings - Task Scheduling and you can disable Disk Optimization and any other tasks listed there.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: May I disable Performance / Tune Up?


Settings>Administrative Settings>Idle Time Optimizer turn off>Apply is also needed to stop optimizing.

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